The Sound you are looking for is here!  


The sound you are looking for is here! 

We manufacture the best saxophone mouthpieces

Our goal is simple - to make mouthpieces with the best material and technology possible. Since 2015, the entire Taigor team with its collaborators, musicians and educators has been working non-stop to develop and improve their products. In the beginning, we manufactured using handmade moulds, but today we are the 1st Brazilian mouthpiece manufacturer using 3D technology. It took many years of pure development and research to bring you a quality mouthpiece. Learn more about our history.

The story behind its sound 

How did the name Taigor come about?

Tiago dos Reis is the founder and CEO of Taigor. Tiago, together with his wife, inverted the letters (i) and (a) of his first name and added the letter (R) of his surname, thus creating a strong name,TAIGOR.

Tiago has been involved in music since he was a boy, with the recorder as his first instrument. In 1998, he acquired a flute, followed by a saxophone a few years later. He studied at UNICAMP for some time and took private lessons.

Tiago graduated in Chemistry and worked in quality control and production laboratories for several years. Combining his experience in Music and Chemistry, Tiago seeks out raw materials with great discretion, as one product of requires multiple factors, such as resistance, hardness, finish, shine, timbre, and more...

Taigor was born in early 2015. It is a company that brings quality and efficiency to you, our customer. We invite you to be part of a brilliant new chapter in our history. 

Our success in numbers 

6 years of experience 

Hand Finished 

Our Mouthpieces are produced through a standardized system, where all finishing and adjustment is done by hand. 

Combined with cutting-edge 3D design and manufacturing techniques, we create saxophone mouthpieces with unmatched sound, playability and beauty.

Calibrated and tested one by one 

Each Taigor mouthpiece is individually calibrated and tested by our professionals to ensure the most consistent and highest quality saxophone mouthpiece available today. .

We have innovative technology. Our products were developed after years of extensive research.

Currently some models are made in molds, but most of them are through 3D technology keeping all finishing and adjustment done by hand.

Since 2016 we have worked with the development of models with 3D technology.

We seek to insert the newest technologies and the best raw materials, with this we acquire excellent finish and sound quality, equivalent to the best international mouthpieces.

Don't be in doubt