Taigor Alto Sax Mouthpiece 


The Taigor Cannon is manufactured with an internal metal ring, acting as a resonator, transmitting more vibration to the Saxophone, providing a warm and attitude sound.

Anatomical beak being thinner, giving more comfort. 

A mouthpiece with a ramp, which brings in its sonic characteristics, brightness, a full-bodied sound in the middle and bass, notes defined in the low, medium, high and over high (super high) regions. Suitable for medium to advanced saxophonists, ideal for those who like styles like romantic Pop and Smoth Jazz.


Our product features innovative technology. 

- Developed and Manufactured through 3D TECHNOLOGY. 

- Metal inner ring - External ring in metal plated in 18k gold. 

- Material: Grease (High mechanical resistance resin). 

- All handmade finishing, does not receive paint, the whole body is polished. 

- Permanent engraving, in low relief 

- Regulation and calibration by hand. 

- Tested one by one. 

- Available in Black 

- Opening 7 ~ 2.00mm and 8 ~ 2.30mm