Classic M6  

Taigor Alto Sax Mouthpiece 

Classic M6  

Signature Lucas Sistelin 

An extremely versatile mouthpiece, does not have so much brightness, nor does it have a very dark sound. It can be used in Pop, Jazz, Bossa, Classical music, with full-bodied sound in the bass and pleasant treble, excellent projection. Accurate answers facilitating execution, easy to play, has no ramp. Suitable for both students and professionals.


Our product features innovative technology. 

-Developed and Manufactured through 3D TECHNOLOGY 

- Material: Grease (High mechanical resistance resin). 

- Finished all handmade, does not receive paint, the whole body is polished. 

- Ring plated in 18K gold 

- Permanent engraving, in low relief 

- Regulation and calibration by hand. 

- Tested one by one. 

-Available in Black 

- M6 ~ 1.90mm opening 

- M7 ~ 2.10mm opening