Taigor Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 


Taigor Smooth is a 100% handmade mouthpiece, made using molds, where all the finishing and adjustment is done by hand, being tested one by one, like all Taigor mouthpieces.

Versatile mouthpiece that can provide brightness, as well as a velvety sound, built with a ramp (high deflector) providing plenty of sound projection. Easy to broadcast in all regions, suitable for Pop, Gospel, Smooth jazz, Fulsion styles, among others.

A model with a metal mouthpiece design, but the materials used in this incredible mouthpiece is a robust combination of high mechanical strength resin and porcelain, with a ring that extends from the inside of metal, bathed in 18K gold, providing a sound combination amazing. 

Porcelain is a material that directly influences resonance, mixed with Resin and combined with a gold-plated ring provides a unique density material, thereby contributing to a new tone color for the sound, fundamentally strong, with deep richness in the vibration of the air column


This mouthpiece is 100% handmade 

-Manufactured through mold. 

- Material: Combination of Resin (putty) + Porcelain. 

- Hybrid: Mass body with internal brass shaft, plated in 18K gold 

- Finished all handmade, does not receive paint, the whole body is polished. 

- Permanent engraving, in low relief 

- Regulation and calibration by hand. 

- Tested one by one. 

- Available in color: Coffee brown 

- Opening 7 ~ 2.30mm / 8 ~ 2.50mm